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Dropzone Commander

 Dropzone Commander fast and furious skirmish Tournament You will need to pick a 500 point army, The balance of the information will be posted on 40Origin.com in April 2017. The tournament format will follow Hawk Wargames 2017 tournament format. If you know the rules, but don’t have the miniatures, let us know and we can help you out for the tournament. 3 rounds using Hawk’s scenarios on small boards.

Dropzone Commander Tournament You will need to pick a 1500 point clash army, The balance of the information will be posted on 40Origin.com in April 2017. The tournament format will follow Hawk Wargames 2017 tournament format.

Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40k Pairs Tournament

Friday June 16th will see the return of the Pairs tournament to Origins. This Warhammer 40K event is set for up to 24 players, but can expand 32 teams (64 players). Origins releases event tickets in groups, no event can have more than 24 open tickets in the system at one time. So if the tickets seem to be sold out check on the next Monday. Typically a couple of people don’t show, so please come anyway. There is a high probability that there will be openings in the event.

The tournament will have 3 rounds, the first one will be prior to lunch and during the lunch break, the paint judging will be done. Please leave your armies out for judging during lunch. If there is a need there will be a final 4th round between the top 2 teams.

The pairs tournament will use sides where each player is allowed 1000 points (team total 2000 points). The rules will follow the Adepticon rules for composition. The Adepticon rules are being posted a piece at a time at:


We will mirror the posts here as they are completed.

Final rules will be posted here the first week in April. Sign-in starts at 9AM, first dice down will be at 10 AM. Please come early enough to sign in and have your army list reviewed. You may bring your list by anytime prior to Friday and see one of the tournament judges for an early review, if you want to sleep in a bit on Saturday. Please bring 5 copies of your army list – 1 for each opponent and 1 for the judges.

Each player will be allowed 1000 points for their faction. Combined the two factions should be equal to or less than 2000 points. GamesWorkshop and ForgeWorld models are legal, so long as they meet the Adepticon list building rules. [The team reserves the right to modify the Adepticon rules if needed by the 15th of April]. New rules and models from GamesWorkshop/ForgeWorld released prior to 1 May 2017 are legal within the spirit of the overall rules.

Awards will be given for:

– Best painted army (both halves of the pairs) based on the narrative that the team provides for why the two factions are working together

– Best painter (player) based on that player’s faction

– Best sportsmanship team

– Best sportsmanship person

– Best general

– Best overall player – combination of general, sportsmanship and painting

ITC Warhammer 40K – Singles Tournament

Saturday June 17th, 2017 will see the 10th annual Origins Warhammer 40K tournament. This event will start registration at 8 AM and first dice down will start at 9:30 AM. Please bring 5 copies of your army list, one for the judges and 1 for each of your opponents. There are 24 tickets in the registration system and as they sell additional tickets will be released in blocks of 8. The event can support up to 64 players. If there are an odd number of players, the judges may choose to insert a player to even the sides. There are always 2 or 3 players who drop out, so please show up even if you don’t get a ticket in advance. Again there should be someone around on Wednesday thru Friday to check army lists in advance if you want to grab a bit of extra sleep on Saturday.

The tournament will have 1 round prior to lunch, paint judging will happen during the lunch break. Please leave your armies out for judging. The tournament will be 3 rounds total with an option for a 4th round for the top 2 players depending on scoring.

The event is a sanctioned ITC event – for more on ITC and the rules please see:

https://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/ <https://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/>

We would like to thank the team at Front Line Gaming for taking the time to put the ITC together and keeping it running.

The 2017 rules updates should be posted shortly. The tournament will run with ITC scenarios, FAQ, and army list rules. Scores will be reported to ITC and will count in the ITC scoring.

Awards will be given for:

– Best painter

– Best sportsman

– Best general

– Best overall player

– Lowest overall points total

Vedros Tournament

On Thursday June 15th, 2017 for the very first time Origins will host a Warhammer 40K Vedros Tournament. The legal models are in the Vedros starter set. Each player will play 4 rounds – 2 with Orks and 2 with Space Marines. The top 2 players will play a 5th round with the side they did the best with in the prior 4 rounds (e.g. it could end up 2 Ork teams fighting each other). This event is new and as such is limited to 16 players. Painting, sportsmanship, and game play will all count in this tournament.

Rules from the Vedros starter box are the only legal rules, unless Games Workshop releases an update to them. The Vedros starter box should be available in stores starting on the 1st of January and at a wide range of retailers.


Quality of painting will count in the overall competition and in the best painter portion of the tournament, but will not count for best general or best sportsman.

The Vedros tournament will be played on a 4 foot by 4 foot board, instead of the traditional 40K 4×6 foot board. Boards will be heavy in terrain and places to hide, compared to most tournament boards.

Players are encouraged to be on hand by 9 AM to have their army reviewed. Players are required to bring their own miniatures. Someone will be on hand to help with model repair if any is needed.

We expect that the games will run quickly compared to a regular Warhammer 40K tournament.

Firestorm Armada

Battle calls Admirals!  The 2nd Columbus Incident is a 900 point 3 round Firestorm Armada Tournament.  Players are allowed 2 lists. Both lists must be made of the Same Core Race for your minimum requirements. Missions will be taken form the Official Tournament guide available soon! Information at www.thewaygate.blogspot.com.

Bolt Action


This one-day event will test the skill and luck of every participant in what is bound to be an historic event. Armies will consist of 1250 points. Pack all the ammo you can carry!

There will be a theme score contributed to your overall ranking. Please consider this seriously.

Your army should be painted to a minimum standard of 3 colors, plus a base. The base should be painted or flocked.


  • Best Painted Army
  • Best General
  • Best Sportsman
  • Best use of theme (painting plus unit composition)
  • Best Overall


Lists must be submitted by 9AM on the day of the tournament. You can drop them off anytime during Origins prior to the tournament in the SGG area of the miniatures hall.

Army lists must be formed using a generic reinforced platoon or theater selector from appropriate supplement books.

Platoon specifics are as follows:

1-2 infantry platoons OR 1 armored platoon

Selected from:

“Armies Of”

Armies of Germany, V2 Armies of United States Armies of Great Britain Armies of the Soviet Union Armies of Imperial Japan Armies of France and the Allies Armies of Italy and the Axis

“Theater Books” ***

Empire in Flames

Battleground Europe

Germany Strikes


Duel in the Sun

***Units and Lists only, no optional mission or terrain rule

Army Points: 1250 requisition points

Order Dice: No limit

No War Reporter units are allowed (This is an optional internet release)

Only units listed in the appropriate army book or the official Warlord “Additional Units” PDF.


Terrain will be preset and locked by tournament organizers.



9:00 AM – Welcome and Operation Briefing

9:15-11:30 AM – Game 1

11:30-12:30 PM – Lunch Break

12:30-3:00 PM – Game 2

3:00-3:30 PM – Break

3:30-6:00 PM – Game 3


A good attitude: Don’t be “that guy”, have fun.

Rule book and army books

Copies of your army list: 1 for yourself, 1 for organizers, 3 for opponent

Measuring tools


Your army!

HOUSE RULES: No House Rules will be used as this is the first year of the new rule book.

All rules will be “Read as Written” from Version 2 of Bolt Action

All judges decisions are final. Please play responsibly.

Warlord FAQ and Errata


Blood Bowl

This is the ruleset to be used for the first 40KOrigins Bloodbowl Tournament at the 2017 Origins Gaming Convention.

PLEASE NOTE: Now that Games Workshop is releasing new Bloodbowl items there is a good chance one or more will be released before Origins takes place. This document may be revised at any point to up to one month prior to Origins to reflect any changes to the state of the game or rules in active use.


1 Tournament Format and Schedule

1.a Schedule and times

1.b Materials and Requirements

1.c Scoring

1.d Sportsmanship

1.e Pairing/Match set-up

2 Rules

2.a Official Rules (and where to find them)

2.b Bonus Coach skill packs

2.c Tournament Inducement table

2.d Kickoff Event table

1 Tournament Format and Schedule

1.a Schedule and times

Saturday, June17th

check-in : 9:30am

Game 1 : 10:00am – 12:15pm

Break : 12:15pm – 1:15pm

Game 2 : 1:15pm – 3:30pm

Game 3 : 3:45:00pm – 5:15pm

1.b Materials and Requirements


  • Your team (preferably painted) created using the Blood Bowl Competition Rules Pack, totaling 1,100,000 gps; including players, rerolls, coaching staff, apothecaries, (The bonus skills for the Bumbus Bowl do not count towards this total). Customization is awesome but please try to ensure each model is easily identifiable as the players/positions they represent.

  • Two copies of your 1,100,000gps roster(One for the Organizer). Please clearly note which Bonus pack you’ve chosen.

  • Block Dice, 2D6, 1D8, and 1D12 or higher for random player rolls.

We know there are many of you with your own awesome boards and things. Feel free to bring them and share their greatness but WE DO HAVE Boards, Range Finders, Balls and assorted Dice to use because we know traveling with such things can be disastrous not to mention cumbersome.

1.c Scoring Structure

  • Game Scoring will be

    • -30 points for a WIN

    • -20 points for a DRAW

    • -10 points for a LOSS

  • Additional points will be considered for the following:

    • +5 points if you won by 3 or more Touchdowns

    • +2 points if you won by 2 Touchdowns

    • +2 points if you lost by 1 Touchdown

    • +5 points if you caused 2 more Casualties from Blocking or Fowling than your opponent

    • +2 points if you caused 1 more Casualties from Blocking or Fowling than your opponent

    • (Note: Only Casualties from Blocking or Fouling without use of the following will be counted for this purpose: Stab, Stakes or any Weapon in the Extraordinary skill box)

1.d SPORTSMANSHIP – After your score sheet has been initialed please take a moment to circle a number you feel corresponds with how your opponent played/behaved during your match. Sportsmanship totals do not figure into tournament points but may factor in other ways.

1.e Pairing – There will be three games. This is a Resurrection-style tournament and injuries/SPP’s do not carry over from game to game. Swiss pairing will be used for all games. **Please let us know if you’re paired against someone you came with and/or play against at home all the time and we will mix it up for you.

2 Rules

2.a.1 Have Fun: Yes it’s a tournament/competitive event. Relax. Anxiety and Blood Bowl just don’t belong together

2.a.2 GW’s Blood bowl 2016 re-release and you.

In order to minimize confusion for those new to the game and learning from the GW BB2016 release we will be using the latest released kit from Games Workshop as our Rulebook-of-Record for all events BUT since the GW release schedule hasn’t quite caught up to the current state of the game as we know it there are some important items to note:

– All previously released 24 official teams are available and legal for use in all events.

– If a team, skill/trait, rule or Star Player exists for a team that has not as-yet made it into a GW re-release then the LRB6/CRP will be used as official reference

– The only pre-game Inducements to be used in this tournament are those listed in this document and are purchased during team roster creation from your initial 1.1million gp treasury.

2.a.3 Rules differences and errata

Veterans of Blood Bowl from years past will need to keep aware of a few things that have been tweaked.

“Argue The Call” is a thing once again to keep fouling players around for the next kickoff.

– using the “Piling-On” skill will cost you a Team RR. This is NOT being used in our events. The older CRP rules for Piling-On are the NAF Sanctioned rule-of-record for the tournament.

Human Catchers are cheaper by 10k in the new RB for no apparent reason

Skaven Gutter-Runners get a special rule that helps with injuries

– Yes, The board size is larger but the passing distances and spaces covered are relative and unchanged. The Passing Chart included in this Primer is exactly the same as the one used in previous editions and the Range Finders are still accurate regardless of whether you use a new board or an older one.

– The NAF has been kind enough to collect all the current official tournament rules necessary and optional including available Star Players in this one document available to everyone here:


IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE NEW 2016 BloodBowl Release from GW THAT’s OK!

It’s 99.9% identical to the CRP/LRB6 as we’ve been playing it for years. Any differences that matter are detailed in this document. You do not need to have the new Rulebook(s) to enjoy our events.

and to that end…

3.a.4 References: found at the new and improved http://www.bloodbowl.com

2016 “Teams of Legend” :



A brief FAQ for mid-game issues as they may arise:


Errata to the new Deathzone Add-on:


There’s also included at the end of this document a Range Chart for finding ranges for passing distances.



…with bonus/add-on teams here: http://www.thenaf.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/NewTeams.pdf

2.a.5 The unique KickOff table included with this document will be used for each game.(see below).

2.a.6 Inducements may be purchased for this tournament using the unique INDUCEMENTS table listed herein(below).

2.a.7 TIME LIMIT: All games will be two hours and fifteen minutes(135minutes) with no overtime. You do not need to time your turns if you choose not to but please be courteous and fair to your opponent. There are many who would rather have a great time playing 8 turns than a manic and much-less-fun rushed and crappy 16 turns. Discuss this with your opponent before kicking off and make every effort to keep your turns to four minutes or less.

2.a.8 ILLEGAL PROCEDURE will not be used. We’re all here to have fun after all and not everyone is as practiced as some. A kind reminder if a step is missed is always appreciated.

***This does NOT excuse cheating and/or just plain abusive opponents: contact the TO/an official with any concerns.

2.a.9 APOTHECARIES: Apothecaries automatically work. Put the hurt player in the Reserves Box until the next kickoff

2.a.10 WEATHER for all games will be rolled by the coaches playing the game and use the Weather table in the CRP

2.a.9 Injuries, Casualties and SPP’s do not carry over. Your roster will begin each game in exactly the same state.

2.a.10 Each coach may choose to use ONE of the Origins Coaches Skill packs listed below. Please clearly mark on your rosters which is used and which players received the benefit.

Note: Gold is for buying players only. Choose a Bonus Skill Pack if you want them to have skills they don’t start with.


Bonus Coaches Skill packs

Your roster must show which(if any) of the following bonus packs you choose from:

MidWest Resilience: Grant two players one additional skill from a category they could normally choose from without rolling Doubles.

An Hall Of Fame Resume’ : You may grant 2 skills to one player from categories they could normally choose from without Doubles.

Last Stop before the flat states : You gain 1 Team Re-Roll

Lake Erie Monster : You may grant one player +1 Str & Bonehead -OR- Grant one player any one of the following:

Bombadier, Stab, Chainsaw, Ball & Chain(this player will ALSO gain the Secret Weapon trait except for Ball and Chain(it’s penalty enough on it’s own)

2.c Bumbus Bowl Inducement table

INDUCEMENTS – You can purchase the below inducements as permanent additions to your team:

0-1 Wizard – 150,000

0-1 Master Chef – 300,000 (100k for Halflings!)

0-1 Igor – 100,000

0-2 Bloodweiser Babes – 50,000

0-2 Wandering Apothecaries – 100,000

0-3 Bribes – 100,000 (50k for Goblins)

0-2 Star Players – Price per listing in Rulebook

**If two teams both have the same Star Player, the coaches decide which is the evil twin and gets to wear the Goatee but each can otherwise use the Star without restriction.

2.d Origins Kickoff Event table:

Bumbus Bowl Kickoff Table:

2: Blue State/Red State : A gentlemanly pre-game discussion of policy has inflamed two opposing players to rabid violence on the field. Officials drive a wedge between them and banish them to separate holding rooms to cool off. Each coach selects a random opposing player. That player is placed in the Reserves box the remainder of the drive.

3: If ya don’t like the weather… : …stick around another five minutes! Every third player turn a new roll on the Weather table is made and the game continues with that new roll in effect.

4: OH!-I …oh? : A squirrel bounds through the legs of the kicking team desperately hunting for a lost buckeye and sending the kicking team into confusion. The receiving team may move each of its’ models one space in any direction . This is a free move that ignores tackle zones and may be used to enter the opponents half of the pitch.

5: Origins-Beginnings : A fan on the sidelines is so excited and full of brew he charges onto the field eager to help in any way his addled brain can imagine. Each coach rolls a d6 and adds his Fan Factor. The coach with the higher result gains one additional player on the pitch(placed in any space in that coach’s end zone) until the end of the current drive. This player has the profile of the basic Lineman for that team.

6: The River’s Rising! This round of clouds has brought much more than usual. The river’s overflowing and doesn’t look to be stopping. Everyone’s got moving quicker to get the game done so they can find higher ground! Every player gains +1 Mv for the duration of the drive.

7: Steel Valley Core : There’s a little extra grit in the men on this field. All injury rolls of KO become Stunned for the duration of this drive.

8: Origins-Renewal : Nuffl’s favor looms large and the sky’s part with blinding benevolence(for a change). All Seriously Injured models on both teams are moved into the KO box.

9: Flyover THIS! : A suspicious updraft seems to be toying with the ball as it sails through the air. All passing attempts gain a +1 to the roll.

10: The Farmer’s plow : Game or not! The planting needs done and it waits for no man. A disgruntled farmer suddenly begins plowing his rows and turning the field into a mess. Place a Deathroller on the pitch at the line of scrimmage(roll for random side choice). This model follows all the rules and traits of the Dwarven Deathroller. At the beginning of each player turn it moves straight forward from that sideline D3 spaces and any model in it’s path is considered ‘Blocked'(all normal rules for blocking and their results are followed). Remove this model once the drive ends.

11: Never stop! Never surrender! : Brothers in arms give every ounce and inspire everyone that witnesses them. The Team with the fewest points has a Random player gain Frenzy and Dauntless until the end of the drive. If the score is tied disregard this result.

12: Buckeye Blitz : WOOOaa Yeeeah! The man in the back said ‘Everyone Attack! and it…

The kicking team can take a free game turn but can only move D3 players which are not currently in an opponents’ tackle zone(just like a normal ‘Blitz!’ but only with D3 players).

Dropfleet update and unboxing gallery

Double scale Ajax cruiser

Resin sectors

base for double scale UCM battleship

They ran out of box, and so added more box. Still not enough box.

modular station sprues

We like shirts. These ones are soft.

Did I mention it was a fifty pound box?

Most of the dropfleet sprues

Alright I know I said i’d put out more designs, but I ended up busy with dropfleet and family things instead.

I’m not dead yet.

Well, that went on for longer than I expected. I’m going to give you folks a quick update and work get back to work on projects. So, some of you might know I’m a full time student, let’s just say that do to some issues with the labs I work in on campus moving across campus I’ve been busier than normal trying to get that under control, add in finals, and trying to help comission some new equipment in the schools lab(electro-discharge machining machine and 200+ watt custom built CO2 laser from boss laser amongst a bevy of industrial robots). So, I’ve got one final left in this semester before I can sit back and fiddle with my prototypes for modular elevated walkway system(and probably buildings, turrets, wreckage, and other odds and ends). My shop is winterized, which means no new parts for awhile(at least not unless I manage to get unrestricted access to the  school’s brand new machine and dial it in). So I’m back to fiddling with 3d modeling to fill in for real prototypes(and to distract me from what I should be working on, curse you Bethesda!). I’m starting to find inspiration for new parts(I am not naturally creative) and figuring out how exactly I want to update my earliest designs to make them friendlier to build, as well as tougher and more detailed.

I’ll post a revision to my dropfleet counters sometime this week along with an explanation of how we’re coloring them at this point in time. I’d promise to post more regularly, but to be honest I have a feeling I’m going to end up like Fred Gallagher at this rate(Fred, if you read this, I’m close enough you can drive over and punch me). I’m going to admit that I simply failed to make time to do this, I’ve got too many iron in too small a fire. I’ll be finding so gasoline for the fire presently, so I should be posting more often.

If nothing in this post makes a lick of sense, I apologise, it’s rather late, I had a math final today, and my mind is swirling with ideas that I need to get down somewhere before I can sleep or focus properly.

This is your author, signing off.