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We bring home the weirdest things.

So, we went to an industrial trade show, and to make a long story short(probably too short), we won a cute little 3D printer, which, after popping the covers off the control boards(hell, the warranty was probably voided as soon as I touched it), we found out it uses comic sans as the font on the labels for it’s connectors(and that it uses the adorable practice of chipping the filament reels, so we were already going to yank the brains and replace them with something better when we ran out of filament).

So anyways, the magazine that we won it from was highly amused by our hobbies, and probably will be amused by us taking it apart as soon as we got it home(I forgot my screwdrivers at home, which is why I didn’t manage to pull cover of a Stratsys printer) since they don’t make the thing and know we take printer to bits. It now lives on one of our server lacks, in between me and Rob’s computers. It’s this one by the way. Pictures and impressions will come soon.

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