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Origins Update

In the last week we have added several events to our list of events. They will be in the event registration for Origins, but may not be included in the Excel spreadsheet of games on the Origins Game Fair website.
The first is a Drop Fleet Commander Tournament on Saturday. The addition of the Drop Fleet Commander Tournament moved the Infinity Tournament to Friday. The DFC tournament will follow much the same rules at the one at AdeptiCon did.

Then the folks who make Wreck-Age asked for some help from us, so we added a daily dose of this post-apocalyptic game to our schedule. We will be using “Factory Models” in the game, the same wonderfully painted miniatures that were used at AdeptiCon. This is a fast playing skirmish game with a great set of history (fluff) behind it.

Tournament rules and clarifications will start to be published here within the next couple of weeks and should all be online by the 15th of May at the latest.

A couple of things are clear on Tournaments:

1) The ITC Warhammer 40K Tournament will follow ITC rules.

2) The Pairs Warhammer 40K Tournament will use the ITC FAQ for rules questions.

3) DropFleet and DropZone tournaments will draw heavily from Hawk’s Tournament Packs and AdeptiCon Rules

4) Josh will be using the latest rules and tourament information for the Infinity and Spartan tournaments.

Watch for tournament specific rules articles to start popping up in the next couple of weeks.

One early promise for 2018 – we should have enough Ogre Miniatures to run the Wednesday massive battle using Miniatures on the board. We will not quite make it for 2017. Steve Jackson games is working hard on the miniatures, but will not have them in time for Origins this year.

See you in a few weeks in Columbus.

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