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Fixing to get started to get ready to start on Origins…

It is pretty Sunday evening on a day when the temperature was more like May than February. Pat has been working on designs and has the laser cutter re-filled and cutting prototypes; Rob has been busy all week making new prototypes on the 3-D printer.

We all have the week coming up off the road and school, so things may get done this week (we may all sleep all week too).

Adepticon is only 4 weeks away, and the carts are packed and ready to load. Very little more needs to be done for Adepticon. I am looking forward to the convention. It will give us a chance to test the street signs. They should allow people to find our events with less hassle than we had last year at Origins. We have all the parts on hand, and hope to get two of them together this week. With the signs at 8 feet off the floor, it should be easy to see what is where. If they work well, we may build some more of them. If they don’t, well the parts can recycled into terrain. We will see how it goes.

Adepticon posted pictures of boxes coming in to go into the swag bags. I suspect the Adepticon swag bag will be something people talk about for years.

The new Origin’s logo for 2017 looks cool and I am looking forward to getting it on a shirt. It is highly kid friendly and should drive some T-shirt sales.

We have Kevin working hard on painting Miniatures, for various games we are teaching. We are now about 120 days to Origins, and there is lots to do. We hope you will follow us here and on Facebook to see how well we can execute between now and Origins.

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