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We bring home the weirdest things.

So, we went to an industrial trade show, and to make a long story short(probably too short), we won a cute little 3D printer, which, after popping the covers off the control boards(hell, the warranty was probably voided as soon as I touched it), we found out it uses comic sans as the font on… (read more)

Drop Fleet Commander

Origins Game Fair Tournament Rules for DropFleet Commander   The tournament will happen in the SGG area in the Miniatures Hall, please bring the following with you:   –        Fleet (all of your ships, stands and counters and other materials you need for playing) –        Dice – any and all dice you need to play… (read more)

Adepticon panel presentation release

Right, I said We’d release our presentation, and while it took me far longer than I would have liked, it’s finally here. I’m also going to tease some new designs for our Bolt Action tournament at Origins this year. I’d like to note that the presentation is the first of a series of irregularly released… (read more)