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Busy Beavers

Your author is a little bit late, I’m afraid I was busy with school work this last week. I had a calc exam, machining class wrap up, and tests in a couple of other classes. I’ve also been working on some new terrain for you guys(and other things) in my copious free time, as well… (read more)

U-con wrap up

We have improved drastically from last year, attendance and fill rate for minis events was up significantly. We got to work with some great new folks, and we may even be working with another local con next year. I’ve been working on a new set of terrain and took the opportunity to test it at… (read more)

Foreshadowing things to come.

These are some pictures of materials we’re working with for Origins and Adepticon this coming year. Some have real plans, some are just being played with. You can see our workspace isn’t very neat(turns out four people working in a space where every cubic inch of space on selves is already allocated doesn’t make for… (read more)

3D printer update and 3D printer information

Hello Internet (or a small sub-section at least). It’s been a bit of time since I’ve talked much about the printer, and it’s changed a decent bit since then. For those who don’t remember it, it’s a SeemeCNC Rostock Max V2 at it’s core. However, beyond the structural elements, it’s very much non-standard. It’s no… (read more)

Drop Fleet counter set

Right folks, I know many may be waiting for their pledges(ours is still pending too), but I got a set of counters meant for laser cutting for you, with my own idea of what the launch asset counters should look like, but feel free to pick either one. I’ve had my reference sheet for since… (read more)