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Drop Fleet Counter Teaser

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posts to reveal what is to our knowledge the only set of third party counters from Drop Fleet Commander, soon to be available for download from our website. I as our lasermonkey, have spent the last few days hard at work to create designs for more lasting(and distinct) counters for… (read more)

Origins 2017 Other games

Wednesday with Steve Jackson’s Ogre has been a big hit the last 2 years. So it is back for a third year. There are indications that some of the cardboard counters may be available as miniatures by Origins, and if so, we will add them to the massive box that is Ogre. With the 3-D… (read more)

Origins 2017 Spartan Games

Josh is one of the best known of the Spartan Games runners. He joined our team 2 years ago at Origins, and last year rolled out the first set of Spartan related games for us. Josh is back and with 2 tournaments for 2017 that will follow the Spartan Games tournament format. The details of… (read more)

Origins 2017 Hawk Wargames

A few years ago the team met the team from Hawk Wargames and found a new favorite game Dropzone Commander. For the last couple of years, we have had fun running that game. About a year ago, Hawk announced and ran a kickstarter for Dropfleet Commander. We had the chance last year at Origins to… (read more)

Origins 2017 intentions

Paul and the team at GAMA green lighted our whole event program last week. Months earlier than we have approval in years! We appreciate that Paul and GAMA have done this for us. That means that we can focus on the terrain, miniatures, and game planning much earlier than in recent years. Over the next… (read more)

Origins 2017

Over the next couple of weeks we will prevue all of our games for Origins 2017. We will start with Game Workshop, since those were the games that got our team started at Origins. Warlords, Spartan, Hawk Wargames, and our other games will follow in other articles. Games Workshop Games In 2017 we are adding… (read more)