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Archive for March 2016

Loaded up and Trucking

Yesterday we filled 4 of the carts completely full and rolled them into the trailer. I think I was surprised at how much terrain we have created with the Laser Cutter this year. While Pat has not put all of the designs up, they will get up on the website. We have been busy getting… (read more)

Origins 2016 Games

This is not a schedule, but rather it is a list of the events 40KOrigins intends to run at Origins 2016 in June. Our schedule will be posted after Adepticon in April, but in plenty of time for event registration at Origins. Games Workshops games: Necromunda – Necromunda is back with a new slightly larger… (read more)

Container Weathering

Terrain build for Adepticon proceeds apace. The containers shown in previous post have been being weathered. The first color is done, with roughly 100 grey containers gunked up, as well as my hands, several blending sponges, many foam applicators, and a muchness of newspaper. Next up is the red, which apparently doesn’t show off rust… (read more)