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28mm General Store(s) Vector files

The second installment of vectors. All the fills are homemade, so there are no secondary copyright issues. The only person who’s license you need is mine, and it is always granted when I publish this way. I’ve added a makers mark to the roofs of these buildings. As a reminder, these are Creative Commons BY-NC-SA… (read more)

Grand tournament breakdown

Sportsmanship – Out of 7 points everyone got 7. Votes by peers as follows. Josh 2 Kyle 2 Ryan 2 Richard 1 Brad 1 Painting Score – Out of 9, but 1 point extra was available if you had a display board. Richard 10 Brad 9 Josh 9 James 9 Ryan 9 Chris 9 Josh… (read more)

Origins has come and gone.

I really want to thank the team for all the hard work. We ran more than 120 events at Origins with game systems that included: Warhammer 40K Warhammer Fantasy Battles Necromunda Battle Fleet Gothic Zone Mortalis Malifaux Drop Zone Commander MERCS And more…   I want to thank: Jim, Donna and Lilly Kimm and Michael… (read more)

Origins 2015 Pairs Tournaments

Posting a quick shout out to all of the players that took part in our Pairs tournament yesterday.  Congratulations to Team Lamonda for their win with a total score of 28.  A special shout out goes to AJ Harris of Team Martian Nuns for his wonderfully painted Adeptus Mechanics forces. For full results for the… (read more)