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Brief Rules for the Grand tournament

2500pts 2.5 hour rounds (3 rounds) Lunch after round 1. (1hr lunch break) Painting will be scored during the lunch break, please set up army for display before you leave for lunch. Battleforged armies only, no unbound armies are permitted. Rule of three ( Your army may only be made up of three detachments. CADs,… (read more)

Warhammer 40K Friday Pairs Tournament

On Friday the Warhammer 40K Pairs tournament will happen. Here is what is up. Registration for the tournament starts at 8:30 AM. First Dice are at 9:30 AM, you must have your armies checked by the 9:30 start time. The tournament will run 3 rounds during the day. Initial pairing of pairs (say that 3… (read more)