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Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40k Pairs Tournament Friday June 16th will see the return of the Pairs tournament to Origins. This Warhammer 40K event is set for up to 24 players, but can expand 32 teams (64 players). Origins releases event tickets in groups, no event can have more than 24 open tickets in the system at one… (read more)

Firestorm Armada

Battle calls Admirals!  The 2nd Columbus Incident is a 900 point 3 round Firestorm Armada Tournament.  Players are allowed 2 lists. Both lists must be made of the Same Core Race for your minimum requirements. Missions will be taken form the Official Tournament guide available soon! Information at www.thewaygate.blogspot.com.

Bolt Action

EVENT SUMMARY This one-day event will test the skill and luck of every participant in what is bound to be an historic event. Armies will consist of 1250 points. Pack all the ammo you can carry! There will be a theme score contributed to your overall ranking. Please consider this seriously. Your army should be… (read more)

Blood Bowl

This is the ruleset to be used for the first 40KOrigins Bloodbowl Tournament at the 2017 Origins Gaming Convention. PLEASE NOTE: Now that Games Workshop is releasing new Bloodbowl items there is a good chance one or more will be released before Origins takes place. This document may be revised at any point to up… (read more)

I’m not dead yet.

Well, that went on for longer than I expected. I’m going to give you folks a quick update and work get back to work on projects. So, some of you might know I’m a full time student, let’s just say that do to some issues with the labs I work in on campus moving across… (read more)

Origins 2017 Other games

Wednesday with Steve Jackson’s Ogre has been a big hit the last 2 years. So it is back for a third year. There are indications that some of the cardboard counters may be available as miniatures by Origins, and if so, we will add them to the massive box that is Ogre. With the 3-D… (read more)

Origins 2017 Spartan Games

Josh is one of the best known of the Spartan Games runners. He joined our team 2 years ago at Origins, and last year rolled out the first set of Spartan related games for us. Josh is back and with 2 tournaments for 2017 that will follow the Spartan Games tournament format. The details of… (read more)

Origins 2017 Hawk Wargames

A few years ago the team met the team from Hawk Wargames and found a new favorite game Dropzone Commander. For the last couple of years, we have had fun running that game. About a year ago, Hawk announced and ran a kickstarter for Dropfleet Commander. We had the chance last year at Origins to… (read more)