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Firestorm Armada and Infinity Tournament Update I

This is the initial information for these tournaments, more information is coming soon, hopefully this will be enough to get you started on army selection and game planning. We look forward to you joining us at Origins Game Fair.

Firestorm Armada

Battle calls Admirals!

The 2nd Columbus Incident is a 900 point 3 round Firestorm Armada Tournament.

Players are allowed 2 lists. Both lists must be made of the Same Core Race for your minimum requirements. Missions will be taken form the Official Tournament guide available soon!


The Columbus Bash returns for the 2nd year!  This will be a 300 point no spec ops Joint Operations tournament.

The missions are Safe Area, Highly Classified and Transmission Matrix.

Missions and rules can be found at:


We bring home the weirdest things.

So, we went to an industrial trade show, and to make a long story short(probably too short), we won a cute little 3D printer, which, after popping the covers off the control boards(hell, the warranty was probably voided as soon as I touched it), we found out it uses comic sans as the font on the labels for it’s connectors(and that it uses the adorable practice of chipping the filament reels, so we were already going to yank the brains and replace them with something better when we ran out of filament).

So anyways, the magazine that we won it from was highly amused by our hobbies, and probably will be amused by us taking it apart as soon as we got it home(I forgot my screwdrivers at home, which is why I didn’t manage to pull cover of a Stratsys printer) since they don’t make the thing and know we take printer to bits. It now lives on one of our server lacks, in between me and Rob’s computers. It’s this one by the way. Pictures and impressions will come soon.

Drop Fleet Commander

Origins Game Fair Tournament Rules for DropFleet Commander


The tournament will happen in the SGG area in the Miniatures Hall, please bring the following with you:


–        Fleet (all of your ships, stands and counters and other materials you need for playing)

–        Dice – any and all dice you need to play – if you bring metal or large dice, please bring a rolling tray or dice tower to roll your dice in.

–        5 copies of your fleet list – one for each of your 3 opponents and 1 for the tournament organizer(TO). Please drop the TO copy off on arrival.

–        A desire to have fun and enjoy your day.


Having a painted fleet is encouraged but not required. Ships need to be “what you see is what you get”.


Basic Information:

1,250 points

3 rounds

2 1/2 hour rounds – first round will be completed prior to lunch, paint judging will happen during lunch, then the second and third rounds will happen with a roughly 30 minute break between the second and third round.

Missions – Take and Hold, Moonshot, Station Assault

Certificates will be awarded for the following categories:

1)     Best painted fleet

2)     Best sportsman

3)     Tournament winner

The painting scores will not impact the tournament scores at all. Please leave your fleet on your table at the end of round 1 for judging, if you don’t want to enter the painting competition, feel free to pack up your fleet during lunch. We will be taking pictures of the games throughout the day, please be nice to our photographer when she is taking pictures. These pictures will end up on our website, Facebook and social media sites. If you don’t want to have pictures taken or you don’t want to be in the pictures, please just inform the photographer.

During lunch an SGG team member will watch the tables at all times.


In addition these Experimental Rules will be in play:

Change #2, New Optional Tournament Scoring Suggestions

1) Kill Points contribution to Victory Points. This scoring modifier can be added to any scenario in the game (we would suggest using it as standard for most games).

At the end of the game, count up the total number of KP inflicted on your opponent. Add the following VP to your total if appropriate (both players do this):

0-499 KP – +0VP

500-799 KP – +2VP

800-999 KP – +3VP

1000+ KP – +4VP

2) Destroyed Sectors VP modifier: Clusters drop by one scoring level (i.e. Large down to Medium – see pg 74) for each destroyed Sector in that Cluster down to a minimum of Small.

3) Very small ships and scoring: Ships of 3 Hull Points or less do not contribute their Tonnage when scoring for Critical Locations.


Change #3, Shaking off Bombers Change

1) Pg 64, Maneuver: Change the dice roll required to shake o  Launch Assets from a 4+ to a 5+. Torpedoes are still removed permanently on a roll of 6.

Change #4, Crippling and Particle Rules Combo

Rationale: So far, this change only applies to one ship (the Diamond) but may apply in future to other ships. This is quite a small change and simply makes the outcome of a Crippling roll from this ship’s main gun likely rather than almost certain. 1) Pg 69, Crippling, End of Section, Add the following: If a weapon with the Crippling rule is affected by another rule while would make Critical Hits automatic (such as the Particle rule) then the roll you would have needed to achieve to a Critical Hit is the roll required for the Crippling rule to take effect. For example, a Lock 3+ weapon would need a 5 or 6 to make an additional roll on the Crippling table.

Change #5, Increasing the E effectiveness of PHR Heavy Calibre Weapons

Rationale: In general, these weapons have been somewhat underwhelming to players. As a result, the following change to the Calibre rule is proposed:

1) Pg 67, Calibre, add the following sentence: ‘In addition, weapons with the Calibre H and/ or S rule inflict Critical Hits on rolls exceeding their Lock value by ONE rather than the usual two (against targets of any Tonnage value).

Change #6, Admirals and Ships

Rationale: Putting your Admiral in a corvette and sinking to Atmosphere early game at the back of the table is hardly cinematic or in the spirit of the game! In addition (and contributing thematically while encouraging the use of Battleships), bonuses will be given for putting your Admiral in a large and imposing vessel.

1) Pg 71, Admirals, Add the following paragraph: Your Admiral may be placed in any ship in your feet with a Tonnage value of M, H or S. If placed in a ship of Tonnage H you may upgrade your Admiral 1 level (up to the maximum allowed

by the game size) for free. If placed in a ship of Tonnage S you may upgrade your Admiral 2 levels (up to the maximum allowed by the game size) for free.







Change #8, General Balancing Adjustments to Specific Ships


Pg 109, New York: Increase Fighters and Bombers Load to 7

pg 114, St Petersburg, Cobra Heavy Lasers, add the following special rule: ‘Siphon Power’ – If  ring only one of these two weapons, increase its Burnthrough value to Burnthrough(8).


Pg 151, Charybdis, Plasma Bombs: Increase this weapon’s lock value to 3+

Pg 151, Scylla, Reverse-Grav Cannon: Increase this weapon’s lock value to 3+


Pg 170, Hector, Medium Calibre Broadsides: Both gain the ‘Linked-1’ rule

Pg 171, Achilles, Heavy Calibre Broadsides: Both gain the ‘Linked-1’ rule

Pg 175, Orion, Medium Calibre Broadsides: Both gain the ‘Linked-1’ rule

Pg 178, Ikarus, Medium Calibre Batteries: Both gain the ‘Linked-1’ rule

Pg 181, Calypso, Advanced ECM Suite rule, Change 1st Sentence to: ‘Once per turn, when an enemy group has allocated Attack Dice, you may add 1 to the Lock values of this group’s weapons this turn against a single friendly ship within 4” of the Calypso.


Pg 199, Diamond: Increase pts to 290

Pg 212, Topaz: Reduce pts to 37

Pg 212, Jade, Particle Lance: Increase the Lock value of this weapon to 2+

Pg 213, Amethyst: Change the Attack value of the weapon ‘Microwave Array’ from ‘D3+2’ to ‘D3+1’

Pg 214, Glass, Ion Lances: Add the ‘Close Action’ special rule to this weapon

Adepticon panel presentation release

Right, I said We’d release our presentation, and while it took me far longer than I would have liked, it’s finally here. I’m also going to tease some new designs for our Bolt Action tournament at Origins this year. I’d like to note that the presentation is the first of a series of irregularly released pieces of learning material, and that the designs for the Bolt Actions buildings are merely preliminary. I’d also like to note I’ve finally figured out how to host the files on our website rather than an external repository(I’m an idiot some days). Feedback on either the designs or the presentation is encouraged. 

Origins Update

In the last week we have added several events to our list of events. They will be in the event registration for Origins, but may not be included in the Excel spreadsheet of games on the Origins Game Fair website.
The first is a Drop Fleet Commander Tournament on Saturday. The addition of the Drop Fleet Commander Tournament moved the Infinity Tournament to Friday. The DFC tournament will follow much the same rules at the one at AdeptiCon did.

Then the folks who make Wreck-Age asked for some help from us, so we added a daily dose of this post-apocalyptic game to our schedule. We will be using “Factory Models” in the game, the same wonderfully painted miniatures that were used at AdeptiCon. This is a fast playing skirmish game with a great set of history (fluff) behind it.

Tournament rules and clarifications will start to be published here within the next couple of weeks and should all be online by the 15th of May at the latest.

A couple of things are clear on Tournaments:

1) The ITC Warhammer 40K Tournament will follow ITC rules.

2) The Pairs Warhammer 40K Tournament will use the ITC FAQ for rules questions.

3) DropFleet and DropZone tournaments will draw heavily from Hawk’s Tournament Packs and AdeptiCon Rules

4) Josh will be using the latest rules and tourament information for the Infinity and Spartan tournaments.

Watch for tournament specific rules articles to start popping up in the next couple of weeks.

One early promise for 2018 – we should have enough Ogre Miniatures to run the Wednesday massive battle using Miniatures on the board. We will not quite make it for 2017. Steve Jackson games is working hard on the miniatures, but will not have them in time for Origins this year.

See you in a few weeks in Columbus.

Latest from our painter

We just got these back from our painter, who seems to be recovering from his surgery. I know I’ve been less than good about posting regularly, but I’ve been working on some new terrain that should be ready for demonstration at Adepticon. I’ve also been working now material for the panel we’re doing at Adepticon, along with some supplemental material which will be uploaded here.

Fixing to get started to get ready to start on Origins…

It is pretty Sunday evening on a day when the temperature was more like May than February. Pat has been working on designs and has the laser cutter re-filled and cutting prototypes; Rob has been busy all week making new prototypes on the 3-D printer.

We all have the week coming up off the road and school, so things may get done this week (we may all sleep all week too).

Adepticon is only 4 weeks away, and the carts are packed and ready to load. Very little more needs to be done for Adepticon. I am looking forward to the convention. It will give us a chance to test the street signs. They should allow people to find our events with less hassle than we had last year at Origins. We have all the parts on hand, and hope to get two of them together this week. With the signs at 8 feet off the floor, it should be easy to see what is where. If they work well, we may build some more of them. If they don’t, well the parts can recycled into terrain. We will see how it goes.

Adepticon posted pictures of boxes coming in to go into the swag bags. I suspect the Adepticon swag bag will be something people talk about for years.

The new Origin’s logo for 2017 looks cool and I am looking forward to getting it on a shirt. It is highly kid friendly and should drive some T-shirt sales.

We have Kevin working hard on painting Miniatures, for various games we are teaching. We are now about 120 days to Origins, and there is lots to do. We hope you will follow us here and on Facebook to see how well we can execute between now and Origins.

Apparently we didn’t have enough tools.

We got a surprise package day on monday, mostly because the boss has a sense of humor. It contained a CNC Router table, with a working area of 750mm(29.5276″) x 750mm(29.5276″) x 65mm(2.55906″). The controller for it followed the day after. So we’ve got it pretty much together, but we need to make a spare wasteboard before we put it into production(and I want to modify the safety cutout as it fails to reach my requirements for safety). But I’m sure pictures are more entertaining. Put together. 26