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Latest from our painter

We just got these back from our painter, who seems to be recovering from his surgery. I know I’ve been less than good about posting regularly, but I’ve been working on some new terrain that should be ready for demonstration at Adepticon. I’ve also been working now material for the panel we’re doing at Adepticon, along with some supplemental material which will be uploaded here.


 Infinity Tournament The Columbus Brawl.  This will be a 300 point, no spec ops, ITS Tournament.  Missions will be Decapitation, Front line and Cold Sleep.  For rules and scenario updates please check 40Korigin.com starting in April 2017.  

Fixing to get started to get ready to start on Origins…

It is pretty Sunday evening on a day when the temperature was more like May than February. Pat has been working on designs and has the laser cutter re-filled and cutting prototypes; Rob has been busy all week making new prototypes on the 3-D printer.

We all have the week coming up off the road and school, so things may get done this week (we may all sleep all week too).

Adepticon is only 4 weeks away, and the carts are packed and ready to load. Very little more needs to be done for Adepticon. I am looking forward to the convention. It will give us a chance to test the street signs. They should allow people to find our events with less hassle than we had last year at Origins. We have all the parts on hand, and hope to get two of them together this week. With the signs at 8 feet off the floor, it should be easy to see what is where. If they work well, we may build some more of them. If they don’t, well the parts can recycled into terrain. We will see how it goes.

Adepticon posted pictures of boxes coming in to go into the swag bags. I suspect the Adepticon swag bag will be something people talk about for years.

The new Origin’s logo for 2017 looks cool and I am looking forward to getting it on a shirt. It is highly kid friendly and should drive some T-shirt sales.

We have Kevin working hard on painting Miniatures, for various games we are teaching. We are now about 120 days to Origins, and there is lots to do. We hope you will follow us here and on Facebook to see how well we can execute between now and Origins.

Apparently we didn’t have enough tools.

We got a surprise package day on monday, mostly because the boss has a sense of humor. It contained a CNC Router table, with a working area of 750mm(29.5276″) x 750mm(29.5276″) x 65mm(2.55906″). The controller for it followed the day after. So we’ve got it pretty much together, but we need to make a spare wasteboard before we put it into production(and I want to modify the safety cutout as it fails to reach my requirements for safety). But I’m sure pictures are more entertaining. Put together. 26

Dropzone Commander

 Dropzone Commander fast and furious skirmish Tournament You will need to pick a 500 point army, The balance of the information will be posted on 40Origin.com in April 2017. The tournament format will follow Hawk Wargames 2017 tournament format. If you know the rules, but don’t have the miniatures, let us know and we can help you out for the tournament. 3 rounds using Hawk’s scenarios on small boards.

Dropzone Commander Tournament You will need to pick a 1500 point clash army, The balance of the information will be posted on 40Origin.com in April 2017. The tournament format will follow Hawk Wargames 2017 tournament format.

Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40k Pairs Tournament

Friday June 16th will see the return of the Pairs tournament to Origins. This Warhammer 40K event is set for up to 24 players, but can expand 32 teams (64 players). Origins releases event tickets in groups, no event can have more than 24 open tickets in the system at one time. So if the tickets seem to be sold out check on the next Monday. Typically a couple of people don’t show, so please come anyway. There is a high probability that there will be openings in the event.

The tournament will have 3 rounds, the first one will be prior to lunch and during the lunch break, the paint judging will be done. Please leave your armies out for judging during lunch. If there is a need there will be a final 4th round between the top 2 teams.

The pairs tournament will use sides where each player is allowed 1000 points (team total 2000 points). The rules will follow the Adepticon rules for composition. The Adepticon rules are being posted a piece at a time at:


We will mirror the posts here as they are completed.

Final rules will be posted here the first week in April. Sign-in starts at 9AM, first dice down will be at 10 AM. Please come early enough to sign in and have your army list reviewed. You may bring your list by anytime prior to Friday and see one of the tournament judges for an early review, if you want to sleep in a bit on Saturday. Please bring 5 copies of your army list – 1 for each opponent and 1 for the judges.

Each player will be allowed 1000 points for their faction. Combined the two factions should be equal to or less than 2000 points. GamesWorkshop and ForgeWorld models are legal, so long as they meet the Adepticon list building rules. [The team reserves the right to modify the Adepticon rules if needed by the 15th of April]. New rules and models from GamesWorkshop/ForgeWorld released prior to 1 May 2017 are legal within the spirit of the overall rules.

Awards will be given for:

– Best painted army (both halves of the pairs) based on the narrative that the team provides for why the two factions are working together

– Best painter (player) based on that player’s faction

– Best sportsmanship team

– Best sportsmanship person

– Best general

– Best overall player – combination of general, sportsmanship and painting

ITC Warhammer 40K – Singles Tournament

Saturday June 17th, 2017 will see the 10th annual Origins Warhammer 40K tournament. This event will start registration at 8 AM and first dice down will start at 9:30 AM. Please bring 5 copies of your army list, one for the judges and 1 for each of your opponents. There are 24 tickets in the registration system and as they sell additional tickets will be released in blocks of 8. The event can support up to 64 players. If there are an odd number of players, the judges may choose to insert a player to even the sides. There are always 2 or 3 players who drop out, so please show up even if you don’t get a ticket in advance. Again there should be someone around on Wednesday thru Friday to check army lists in advance if you want to grab a bit of extra sleep on Saturday.

The tournament will have 1 round prior to lunch, paint judging will happen during the lunch break. Please leave your armies out for judging. The tournament will be 3 rounds total with an option for a 4th round for the top 2 players depending on scoring.

The event is a sanctioned ITC event – for more on ITC and the rules please see:

https://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/ <https://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/>

We would like to thank the team at Front Line Gaming for taking the time to put the ITC together and keeping it running.

The 2017 rules updates should be posted shortly. The tournament will run with ITC scenarios, FAQ, and army list rules. Scores will be reported to ITC and will count in the ITC scoring.

Awards will be given for:

– Best painter

– Best sportsman

– Best general

– Best overall player

– Lowest overall points total

Vedros Tournament

On Thursday June 15th, 2017 for the very first time Origins will host a Warhammer 40K Vedros Tournament. The legal models are in the Vedros starter set. Each player will play 4 rounds – 2 with Orks and 2 with Space Marines. The top 2 players will play a 5th round with the side they did the best with in the prior 4 rounds (e.g. it could end up 2 Ork teams fighting each other). This event is new and as such is limited to 16 players. Painting, sportsmanship, and game play will all count in this tournament.

Rules from the Vedros starter box are the only legal rules, unless Games Workshop releases an update to them. The Vedros starter box should be available in stores starting on the 1st of January and at a wide range of retailers.


Quality of painting will count in the overall competition and in the best painter portion of the tournament, but will not count for best general or best sportsman.

The Vedros tournament will be played on a 4 foot by 4 foot board, instead of the traditional 40K 4×6 foot board. Boards will be heavy in terrain and places to hide, compared to most tournament boards.

Players are encouraged to be on hand by 9 AM to have their army reviewed. Players are required to bring their own miniatures. Someone will be on hand to help with model repair if any is needed.

We expect that the games will run quickly compared to a regular Warhammer 40K tournament.

Firestorm Armada

 Firestorm Armada Tournament The Columbus Incident Firestorm Armada Narrative Tournament!  This is a 800 point 3 round Firestorm Armada event. Rules for the tournament will be posted on 40kOrigin.com starting in April 2017.  

Bolt Action

 Bolt Action Tournament This is 3 round Swiss paring tournament that follows’ Warlord’s tournament rules and is played on identical boards. Players must use a 1,000 requisition points force, consisting of one or more Reinforced Platoons, as presented in the Bolt Action second edition rulebook. Armies can comprise of a maximum of 12 Order dice (i.e. 12 units). Updates to the tournament rules can be found on 40Korigin.com starting in April 2017.